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Forty one years ago, the Lord put a passion in the heart of Christian author, Peter Schuler to seek God with all his heart, soul and strength. Peter describes this passion in his introduction: "I love You Lord. Burn away anything that is in me that is not of You. I fall short every day but I run to You and feel Your loving embrace. I hold onto Your Hand and You lead me through the storm. I need not fear the darkness around me for You are with me. My heart is overflowing with Your love. Hold me close to Your heart and never let me go. I cling to You with all my strength. I put my hand into Yours and I walk with You. I am safe for You are with me."

By Grace, the Father has revealed Himself to Peter in a glorious way through visions, revelation and amazing times of fellowship in the Presence of the Lord. Follow Peter's journey to know God as he worships the Father with music and photography on majestic mountain tops and beside beautiful lakes and streams. Discover God's Amazing Grace as Peter is called to lay down his life and walk through the valley of the shadow of death during a seven year illness. Experience the joy of healing when the Lord miraculously restores his life. Hear the call of God as Peter is led by Christ to leave everything behind and serve the Lord for twenty years in an inner city ministry to the homeless and those in jails and nursing homes. Read More

The Father has been faithful to me through all the seasons of my life. In the 1970's He showed me Visions of the coming His Kingdom and I tasted the Glory of His Presence. He put a passion in my heart to know Him and I continue to seek Him every day. Jesus has led me to many glorious mountain tops and through many valleys of suffering. In the 1970's I walked in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and in the 1980's He called me to lay down my life in the Hope of His Resurrection.

The Father fulfilled all His promises to heal me and then called me into full time ministry. For the past 20 years I have served Him in an inner city ministry for the homeless and those in the jails and prisons. I have been His vessel through which the Father poured out His love to many lost and hurting people. God has called me to share the Good News of His Kingdom to those without hope and many have believed His Word. I give God all the Glory- He has done all of it. I will testify of His Goodness and Love Forever! (Excerpt from In Pursuit of God)

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I began to worship the Lord with my pictures when I traveled to Switzerland in my youth. Throughout my life the Father has been pleased to show me the Beauty of His Creation and I wanted to record some of the images so that I might share them with others. Many times it seemed that God was putting on a show just for me. I felt honored to be blessed with such favor. I took the photographs as a testimony of my amazing experiences alone with God. By Grace, the Father showed me sunsets, snow covered peaks, fields of flowers, amazing encounters with animals and beautiful reflections on lakes. I loved to observe how the Father had chosen to create the mountains, valleys, lakes and streams. I learned about Him by seeing his handiwork- the colors He would choose for the fields of flowers or the creatures He created to walk upon His land. I will always stand in awe of all that the Father has created! I see the Glory of the Father in all that He has made.

I have worshiped the Most High God with my inspirational photography on mountain tops, along gentle streams and beside clear blue lakes. I have praised the Lord while gazing on His Beauty and in awe of His Splendor. From snow covered peaks to flower filled meadows I worshipped the Father with a joyful heart. The Glory of His Presence fell upon me as I drew near to Him and He drew near to me. (James 4:8). I was filled with the Joy of His Presence and the Holy Spirit lifted me up into Heavenly places. The Father washed away the burdens of this life as my spirit soared into the heavens far above the darkness of this world. He touched me with His Hand and all creation seemed to come alive. What a privilege it has been to worship the Father through during my years on this earth!

I believe that these photographs are a Vision of the Glory that will be revealed to the Church in the new Heaven and earth. God's Word tells us to set our hope on His promise of a new Heavens and a new earth where righteousness dwells. (2 Peter 3:13). I await the day when I will wake up in Glorious new land where all the Visions will become an Eternal reality. I have tasted the Goodness of the Lord in this life and I live in hope of a new age where Christ Reigns in Glory. Thank you Lord for revealing Your Beauty to me in such a Glorious way. These years I have walked in fellowship with You in Your Presence are treasures that will be Forever hidden in my heart. In Your perfect time, I will wake up in a new Heavenly land where these Visions will become an Eternal Reality. Thank you, Jesus!