50 Fear the Lord

God’s Miracles:

God has performed many miracles during the past 20 years of ministry. In the late 90’s, The Lord had called me to do several weekly nursing home services. One Sunday as I was preparing for the service in the Chapel, a lady in a wheelchair told me that a terminal patient down the hall had been unplugged from life support and was expected to die several days ago. She believed that there was a reason that he was still alive. I went into the room and the man was lying motionless on the bed. The Holy Spirit told me to lead him in a sinners prayer even though he couldn’t physically respond. I prayed with him and then asked the Lord to take him with angels to Heaven. His two daughters were in the room and I asked them if they were believers. They told me that they didn’t know Jesus and I led both of them to Christ. I returned to the Chapel and the lady in the wheelchair joined us several minutes later and told me that the man had just passed away. She stayed for the service and gave her life to Christ during the altar call. She passed away several weeks later. God’s Word promises that He works in all things for good and brings life out of apparent tragic situations. (excerpt from In Pursuit of God)

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