100 Thou Hast Healed Me

I first met Brenda about ten years ago when she was living in the homeless shelter. Several years ago she wrote this beautiful poem about her journey to find God and her experience of His healing in her life.

Brenda’s Poem

Life led me to an angel;
the happenings throughout my life haven’t been so kind.
The extremes that I’ve struggled through
Have tampered with my mind.
I realize no good could come from trying to place blame,
The toxic and heartless have led me to my shame.
I knew it was due in time, the burdens of disgrace.
And sure enough it happened, I landed on my face.
They took me where I’d never been, and there I met this man.
He wasn’t like the others, he wasn’t tempted toward my sins.
Light heartedly he helped, he cared nothing like the rest.
No matter what I said or did, he only saw my best.
He showed me that through all the evil, even my own sins;
There was something special in me,
That Christ was my best friend.
He explained that we weren’t so different,
Our hearts were quite the same;
He always had a smile, was humble, sure and kind.
He led me to a relationship with God,
I could leave my pain behind.
I am so thankful every day,
Life led me to an angel
To help me find my way.
Lord, thank you for Peter

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