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My prayer for the Church

"O Lord pour out Your Spirit upon Your people and fill our hearts with a passion to know You. Let Your people fall in love with Jesus and let His Presence fill their souls. Call Your people out of Egypt(the world) and draw them to You forever. Break the power of the enemy and the bondage of slavery to sin. Let them lay down our idols and bow down to the One True Living God who loves His People. By Your Grace, cause Your Church rise up with the Power of the Spirit and become an exceedingly great army. Send forth Your angels to gather Your Bride from the four corners of heaven. Let them come together as one people united in Your love. May Your Spirit draw them out of this world to sit with You in Heavenly places. Call them out of the kingdom of this world to Your Glorious Kingdom. Purify their hearts that the Light of Jesus may shine forth out of His Bride" (Excerpt from In Pursuit of God)