109 The Lord Reigns in Majesty

God’s Invitation to Walk with Him

We walk with God when we live in communication and fellowship Him in our everyday life. Jesus lived in constant and perfect fellowship with the Father on this earth. We fall short because we take our eyes off of him and onto ourselves or things in this world. Enoch is a good example because he walked with God so closely that one day he walked right into heaven. Genesis 5.21-24. The Lord was pleased with Enoch because he sought God by faith with all of his heart. Hebrews 11:5,6. We are called to stay in fellowship with God at work and at play; while we are shopping, driving and at home.

I began to seek God in my youth and I moved to the mountains spend time seeking God. I have many wonderful memories of skiing in fellowship with the Father. He made the mountains, the sun and the snow. He created me and gave me the ability to ski with all my heart. The Father enjoyed spending time with me as I skied with all my might. There were days of pure joy when I lifted my hands to God in praise. I was not part of the world around me because the Father had lifted me into heavenly places. I was in heaven because I was in God’s presence. I often walked with the Father in glorious solitude as I cross country skied across pure white snow. I was in perfect peace because my mind was set on Him. Isaiah 26.3. Truly, God is good!

I walked with God in Switzerland as He gave me a vision of the new heaven and earth. He touched me and everything began to glow with his glory. The Father everything around me as a vision of the glory of the new heaven and earth. He showed me that the Church will live in perfect harmony with God, each other and with His creation in the new age. I walked with the Father on mountain trails in Idaho, often in the presence of His wonderful creatures. I loved His creation because it is an expression of Him. I love Him because He is my heavenly Father. I traveled across the Father’s creation on foot, bicycle, and motorcycle as I viewed the glorious splendor of His beauty. These experiences where a glimpse of the glorious inheritance with He has prepared for his beloved children. Christ will soon reign with his Church on a new earth that will be more glorious than we can even imagine.

I worshiped God with my guitar beside clear mountain lakes, in quiet meadows and on mountain tops. I worshiped the Father by photographing his amazing creation. I often felt that He was putting on a show just for me and I was in awe of his beauty. I share these photographs with others so that they can see God’s beauty and worship Him.

The Father called me out of the mountains 22 years ago to serve Him by ministering to the homeless and those in jails and prison. I still walk with the Lord in this city as His glorious Spirit works through me to draw many to the Father. He sent me to this desert to invite others to share in His glorious inheritance. The door is still open and the Lord calling us to come to him and be forgiven of our sins and receive His gift of eternal life. He is still inviting all to come to him and spend eternity with Him in a new heaven and earth. The Spirit is warning us to not hesitate because the time is short. God loves us! He is so good! In His mercy, the Father has given the world more time to come to Him because He wants all to be saved and live forever in His presence. The Church is called to live in these last days of great darkness so that God can shine His light through us into a dying world. I will spend the rest of my time on this earth sharing His love and the good news of the gospel!

Peter Schuler
Christian Author

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